Island Life – The Attraction

UigThe peace and tranquillity, quality of life, sense of security and safe environment, unspoilt white beaches stretching for miles into the distance, rare and wonderful wildlife, breath-taking scenery – this is what you can expect living in the Western Isles. It is no wonder that new figures prepared by the office for National Statistics (ONS) show that people who live in Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland report the highest levels of life satisfaction, self-worth and happiness across the whole of Great Britain. Locals also have very low levels of anxiety, coming second in the table only to Dumfries and Galloway.

The strong sense of community spirit and quality range of social and leisure facilities now available together with unrivalled clean and attractive natural environment continues to attract new residents to the Western Isles. The beauty of the natural landscape is protected and there is now optimism about the possibility of future developments in for example Renewable Energy Generation, Tourism and Education. The Council Planning Policy and Housing Strategy have promoted a strong Stornoway as the basis for economic development succeeding. Western Isles Health and Social Care services are among the best in Scotland. There is a strong link between crofting and self build, high proportion of detached houses, self build and ownership – the expectation of a house is a home for life.

The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act was enacted by the Scottish Parliament in 2005 to provide continuing support for the language and we are proud at Western Isles Properties Ltd. to be able to converse with our customers in our native language which of course is very much part of our culture and heritage.
The unspoilt environment of the Western Isles is increasingly perceived as a major asset and the real potential of a high quality of life is now acknowledged both within and beyond these shores. The belief is that a renewed focus on building confident communities, the continued diversification of our economy and the exploitation of new activities will provide positive platforms for sustainable growth.